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Business Services Pattaya

Thailand has long been recognized as an attractive place for outsiders to conduct business thanks to its steady economic growth and ample natural resources which offer great business potential. If you’re a newcomer and you intend to get Business Services in Pattaya to startup a business, we can assist you in all processes to register a Thai company, obtain a work permit and visa, or open a Thai bank account. If your business activity is required a license or permit, the application may be complex and time-consuming, but don’t worry! we can help you acquire the most common licenses for your business.

Work Permit

If you consider starting a business or you simply want to work in Thailand as a foreigner, you MUST apply for a Work Permit.


To stay legally in Thailand both for the short-term and long-term, you are required to obtain an appropriate visa.

Company Set-Up

There is great business potential for foreigners willing to start a business in Thailand, by setting up a Thai company.

Bank Account

As a foreigner living in Thailand, a Thai bank account makes it easier for you to manage your finances.

Property Investment

Thailand is a dreamlike destination for foreign travelers and also the ideal place for property investment to diversify your assets.

Why you should work & live in Thailand ?

Get Business Servises in Pattaya from IBS to invest in Thailand is obviously a wise move with many advantages. First, Thailand’s 20-year National Economic Strategy (2017–2036) is moving the country in the right direction. The Thai government has launched a number of mega infrastructure projects, which include a high-speed rail venture with China, airport upgrades, and mass transit lines in Bangkok.

Second, with a very mild climate, lower cost of living, modern medical facilities, living in Thailand certainly doesn’t disappoint. Exclusive locations also drive up property prices, making many places a mecca for real estate investors.

IBS Business Service Pattaya
Business Services Pattaya

Pattaya, an ideal destination for expatriation !

A world-renowned seaside resort, Pattaya is an optimal place to live for expats in Thailand and it already welcomes a large number of expatriates from all over the world. Compared with other parts of Thailand, Pattaya has its own unique charm and lifestyle offering everything an expat could desire, such as endless western and international dining options, international and multi-language schools, various entertainment and sporting facilities, and superb well-furnished residences with completed facilities. Choosing to settle down in Pattaya also means benefiting from a lively and affordable city with an international atmosphere.


Testimonials Infinity Benefit Solution Pattaya

Very good service ! They made it so easy. Highly recommend !

Phew Client Lao


Lao client

Testimonials Infinity Benefit Solution Pattaya

Great experience with this company ! Quick and helpful service !

Frederic French Client


French client

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