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Real Estate Services Pattaya

As a service agency, we specialize in real estate services in Pattaya. We offer advice to buyers and sellers on real estate in Chonburi province. Find the right property for you in Pattaya and around, whether it is a villa or condo, for sale, or for rent. Moreover, our real estate experts will accompany you through the whole process.

Property for Sale in Pattaya

Find the ideal property to buy in Pattaya. Whether it is for rental investment or own-living, trust the real estate agents of IBS, they know how to meet your expectations and find you the property of your dream.

Property for Rent in Pattaya

Find properties for rent in Chonburi province. Search our latest property for rent listings to find your dream villa, prime condo, or commercial space for rent.

Property Investment in Pattaya

Pattaya Investment Property offers high-end residential options with a full range of complementary facilities, good locations and convenient accessibility which allows for an excellent return on property investment.

Property Management in Pattaya

Property Management in Pattaya. Infinity Benefit Solution agents are experienced in the field of real estate and assist you in the management of your property.

Rental investment in Pattaya

First of all, the rental investment in Pattaya allows you to own a property with a small budget, at a price much more attractive than in Europe or the United States, while enjoying a stable and decent return.

Second, due to the stable economic growth of Thailand and the rapid growth of the Pattaya tourism market, which keeps boosting the real estate rental market in Pattaya, you don’t need to worry about the vacancy rate of the properties.

Finally, it’s important to know that the real estate market in Thailand is secure under supervision and regulation. Moreover, the low cost of taxes and fees on buying a property in Thailand makes it a significant advantage for your investment.

Residential Investment Pattaya
Rental investment in Pattaya

Residential Investment in Pattaya

The cozy lifestyle has attracted many international investors to buy properties in Pattaya to enjoy endless benefits. Firstly, the easy and fast connection between Pattaya and the surrounding cities makes it an ideal weekend getaway, don’t forget that the high-speed train project will allow travel to Bangkok in just 30 minutes in the short future. Secondly, there is a wide variety of property options to invest in, from pool villas to fully-furnished condominiums. Thirdly, housing prices are much more reasonable than in Bangkok with a nice return. Finally, as a popular destination, Pattaya offers its residents an international community with plenty of activities to keep them entertained.

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