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Discover Thailand with a Travel Planner

Tourism in Thailand seems to know a revival with the arrival of the travel planner and does not cease making…...
IBS Pattaya
February 23, 2023

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After a long period of covid, the tourism in Thailand seems to know a revival with the arrival of the travel planner which does not cease to make many followers, It would be thus stupid to deprive itself of it.

Discover Thailand in a different way

You wish to discover Thailand differently, off the beaten track or simply far from the usual clichés but you don’t know how to go about it, then calling a Travel Planner is surely the solution.

Of course we will not lie, Thailand is indeed one of the favorite destinations for party people but it represents only 4 or 5 tourists cities. Thailand is a country rich in culture, customs and history and is full of beautiful and unusual places that people don’t talk about. Therefore, hiring a Travel Planner, specialist in Thailand will make your vacations unique and unforgettable.

What is the job of Travel Planner ?

Travel planner is simply an independent travel planner and a fine connoisseur of the tourism world. In addition, the Travel Planner listens to your needs and goes out of his way to find you the best offers in terms of transportation, accommodation or activities.

Travel Planner Thailand

Difference between a Travel Planner and a travel agency

The difference between a travel planner and a travel agency is that the travel planner has a greater knowledge of your destination and remains at your disposal at all times, but unlike the travel agency, he is not legally authorized to take reservations on your behalf.

Why use a Travel Planner to visit Thailand ?

  • Save time.
  • Avoid traps and scams.
  • Organization according to your expectations
  • Personalized accompaniment
  • Warm human relationship
  • Travel with peace of mind
  • A single contact person

Plan your trip to Thailand now !

If you decide to hire a travel planner to discover Thailand differently, IBS recommends the services of Newlifesthai. Under the name Newlifesthai, hides a former school teacher established since 2020 in Thailand and who has already traveled more than 18000 kms alone on her scooter. Moreover, thanks to her experience as a globe trotter, which dates back to the age of 18, you will be able to take advantage of her expertise and her seasoned advice in order to enjoy your vacation without worrying about anything.

In order to satisfy everyone’s expectations, Newlifesthai offers 3 types of packages:

The “Traveler in the Soul” offer :

You take care of your stay but you follow his advice on your itinerary, his practical information or tips before and during your trip as well as his opinion on what you have planned on site.

The “Great Escape” offer:

Benefit from incredible itineraries in Thailand and download a travel book specific to a region but you take care of the logistics (airfare and transportation).

The “Fresh Start” offer:

You trust her 100% and entrust her with the whole organization of your stay.

Travel Planner Newlifesthai

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