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Opening a Bank Account in Pattaya

Living in Pattaya, having a Thai bank account facilitates your personal financial management and your daily payments. However, as a foreigner, you may encounter difficulties when you’re trying to open a bank account at a local branch. IBS is always here to provide you with assistance in opening a bank account in Pattaya, to make everything easier.

Now let’s look at a successful case from one of our customers showcasing he obtained his Thai bank account in Pattaya with our assistance.

Opening a Bank Account in Pattaya


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We had a customer named Mr. Frédéric who came to Pattaya for a vacation from France. Since he didn’t bring much cash with him to Thailand, so had to withdraw from the ATM machine with his French bank card which was charged expensively each time. Another reason why he urgently needs a Thai bank account is that he was considering an investment in properties, and may require a Thai local bank account to receive the funds sent from France.

He went to several branches of different local banks asking to open a personal account, but he was refused for reasons such as he was on a tourist visa or without a work permit and required many additional documents. Finally, on the recommendation of his friend, he came to us. We helped to prepare all the required documents and personally took him to the branch until the process of opening a Thai bank account finished, he was so excited about getting his bankbook and debit card. We’re happy for him that now he can better enjoy his vacation and manage his investments in Thailand with ease.


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